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Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil (Fragrance-free) 200ml
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Immediately replenishes the whole body, with long-lasting effect. Instantly soothes sensations of irritation and tightness. Gently cleanses and leaves a protective film on babies and children's skin. Compensates for the drying effects of bathing (hard water). Replenishing oil texture gently envelops the skin. Easy to use. Dilutes well in bath water.

Pour two or three capfuls into bathwater. For enhanced replenishment, do not rinse off. Gently dry off without rubbing. Follow up with Stelatopia® Emollient Balm or Cream. Can be used daily or during flare-ups.

Guaranteed safety from birth on. Tested under dermatological and pediatric control. High tolerance. Hypoallergenic - Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. 0% fragrance, paraben, phthalate, phenoxyethanol, EDTA, SLS.

Replenishing patented natural ingredients such as:
Sunflower Oil Distillate: has soothing properties and provides lipids essential to maintaining skin's moisture barrier.
Avocado Oil: helps to reinforce and protect the skin barrier to promote its restoration, damaged for eczema-prone skin.
Chamomile extract: softening properties.

200ml flip-cap bottle


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